As an Intuitive Author, Spiritual Teacher, Counselor & film/novelist. Talitha also offers courses for teacher’s as well, people who intend to make the world a better place through:

Their contribution to life

Many self-help leaders have been on the spiritual path for years and years. They’ve read all the books, taken all the classes, and studied with all the teachers and gurus. Yet they’re still not living the life they intend.

Very often they sense that something important is missing. It’s as if they’ve missed some key piece of information and that’s what’s holding them back. So, they continually seek more and more information—but information not the answer! They are seeking outside themselves, when what they want to find is within them, not in any book.

Talitha’s material can guide you to the key that unlocks the door that stands between you and your ability to build your success and help more people.

To do this, Talitha employs her considerable intuitive skills and knowledge of spiritual principle to help you release ineffective beliefs and mental patterns so you can transform. She guides you through the clear activation steps that bring forth those keys you’ve been looking for. Those who’ve had this experience say they’ve been able to step into living the miraculous life they’ve been wanting. Now they can help others find their way to awakened spiritual success, their life purpose is activated!

Her students and clients have found that in incorporating this program they are able to step into living a miraculous life and support others in doing finding their clear pathway to awakened spiritual success.

A Gifted Film/Novel, Author ACIM Minister, Counselor and Life coach

Talitha has been a Spiritual Counselor life coach and self-help Author since 2003.She is available for booking by appointment remotely via conference call check the calendar and services to book your Break through session now-or stream/read one of the self-help product(s) from the store. As an Intuitive life coach, Talitha employs her considerable intuitive skills and knowledge of spiritual principle, Science of Mind & ACIM to assist you in releasing beliefs and mental patterns that no longer serve you.

Rather than focusing on the past and how the “problem” was created, her spiritual approach is focused on “where do you want to GO and who do you have to BE to get there.” Using this tried and true method, you are able to have a spiritual healing. You discover that healing the past and creating a new Present(Now) for yourself is not only miraculous – it’s completely possible! It really works!

You can participate with people from around the world in Talitha’s Transformational Workshops offered on conference calls and webinar’s. Check the Calendar for the next one – or stream one from the Store and get started right away. Talitha leads classes, workshops and retreats focusing on, Scientific prayer affirmations, creativity, writing, I AM Vision Creator (Founder :Talitha D. Prophet), nonviolence and forgiveness as well as short meditation and visioning as taught in her course material.

Talitha D. Prophet is an Author, fully Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach and ACIM Minister