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Self Thy Know

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This Book was written with passion for those who have not given up hope that their dreams perhaps come to pass. It is dedicated to the despondent and demoralized, as you gain understanding of what and how the holy spirit works in your life, you will be empowered. The understanding of this information will empower you. Self Thy Know: The Bible Of Divine Revelation is about getting clearly centered on the path that leads to Ascension (Heavenly State of consciousness). And yet we can use instruction in this book, to help us point the way. This book is Offred as a guide with abundance of love as the comforter of every wound. Whether it’s suffering in relationships, health, grievances, occupation, environment etc. Allowing the radiance of light to penetrate your mind, realizing every perception you have ever held about yourself and the world. You will find your gift being refined in new ways. The best part is anyone can do it. The law of frequency operates in your life. You can gain entry and exert the power within. Have patience while reading by allowing the message that’s in this book for you to resonate within your Heart, let the idea fill your mind, body & Spirit with its pure frequency. It is not by accident that you came across this message in this very moment, it is a divine purpose and a healing message waiting for you inside. Right here right now! Ask and you shall receive. You Can Do It!

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This book can familiarize readers with subjects of:

  1. Affirmative Healing Treatments
  2. Cutting Generational Ties
  3. Entities
  4. The Aura/ Energy Field
  5. True Meaning Of Love
  6. Creating Consciousness
  7. The Aura/ Energy Field
  8. Ascension
  9. True Meaning Of Love
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